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Christine Hunt

Christine Hunt

Crownsville, MD, USA

Speaks English

EFT / Tapping


My relatives are buried in Arlington, which gives you an idea of my personal connection with the military.

I understand the commitment and sacrifices our dedicated servicemen and women live with which can be both rewarding and a struggle. Struggle is something that I am also personally familiar with and what the use of EFT/Tapping has helped me overcome.

There is struggle in life but it can be amplified by some of the conditions members of the military are exposed to. The fall out is something that you may live with on a daily basis.

Do you struggle with:
- Relationships,
- Addictions,
- Holding down a job,
- Being a good spouse and parent,
- Chronic illness,
- Chronic pain,
- Flashbacks,
- Feeling isolated in your emotional pain.

It is this daily struggle that affects your happiness, your income, your lifestyle, and may make you question who or what you have become.

I feel that everyone deserves a happy, healthy, prosperous life. And when emotional trauma gets in the way of that, I want to be the person to help you. I want to help you get your life back.

To do that, we would use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as Tapping) to eliminate the effects that past traumas are having on your present. When your trauma is resolved, then what used to trigger you ceases and stress levels automatically reduce. When stress is reduced, you are living in a calmer state, and you can feel good about yourself, think more clearly, be more loving, confident and happier. What else do you want in your life? I can help you get there.

I am Christine Hunt and I…
“Help you get over it so you can get on with it”!

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